Where to go when renting our boat:

KAMENJAK: It’s the wild rugged beauty and end-of-the-world vibe of this small peninsula just south of Pula that have earned it cult status among Croatian beach goers. An undeveloped protected nature reserve, Kamenjak showcases a carpet of heath plants, shrubs and wildflowers. It’s fringed by a string of pebble bays and secluded rocky beaches, surrounded by crystalline blue-green sea. It gets busy in summer but there’s always an empty beach to escape to if you're on a boat, plus a fun beach bars for socialising.

ISLANDS: The archipelago of medulin consists of about 10 small islands. These islands are uninhabited and are an ideal daily setting for those wishing to experience the charm and vigor of intact nature. The following islands are ideal for whole-day boat excursions since they offer catering facilities: Ceja, Levan and Bodulas.

CEJA island: also known by the name of Cactus island due to many cactuses that surround the restaurant. Its is a private island but all tourists are welcome to visit. There is a pier on the island that make it easyer to tie down the boat. You can enjoy your stay by drinkin or eating.

BODULAS island: the island of Bodulas in the Medulin bay, is called also „cow islandd“ since in the summer you can actually see the cows on the island. There is also a small grill restaurant and a pier where you can tie down the boat located on the north-west side. The water is crystal clean, perfect for snorkeling.

LEVAN island: The island of Levan is located near the beach of Liznjan in the Medulin aquatory. It is the only island with sandy beach. The few piers amke it easy to tie down your boat. You can enjoy your stay in one of the three bars on the island.

FENERA island: The island of Fenera is located begind the island of Ceja, on the right side. It is 1425 meter long and of of the best to snorkelling. Best side of the island is north west side because is protected from the currents.

FENOLIGA island: located northwest of Kamenjak. The island has dimensions of approximately 150 m and is well known for the dinosaur traces being discovered in 1974. There are 146 traces of dinosaurs deployed in six trackways. The traces are more than 90 million years old. This is significant as one of the richest sites of dinosaur footprints rate in Europe. Its one of several fossil remains of dinosaurus on Croatian ground. The Island of Fenoliga can be reached only by boat. Please advise with our staff about winds and weather before leaving to see Fenoliga island.

PORER LIGHTHOUSE island: southwest of Istria's southernmost cape. The island is an 80 m cliff, 2.5 km from the mainland and. Built on the same named rocky island 80 m wide, 2.5 km from the coast, the lighthouse Porer is located at the extreme southern tip of Istria Western Cape, Cape Kamenjak.
Built in 1833, his lantern rises to 35m and is the tallest in Istria. Lighthouse is still active. Beyond the lighhouse Porer is open sea with strong currents. Please advise with our staff about the day's winds and weather before leaving to see Porer island.

TRUMBUJA island is one of the smallest islands in the local waters of Premantura. It is the closest island to the campsite Stupice .You can reach the island by boat our pedalboat.


We are located in Arena Camp Stupice, 300 meters left after passing the main entrance. Our boat rental station is shared with Wind Surfing School, you can find us close to the two tennis courts.


Gsm +385 99 839 22 53 (we are available during summer season)
E-mail: premanturaboatrent@gmail.com